How to watch Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special online for free from UK or abroad

Christmas TV is a time full of dramas, political commentary, classic Christmas films and a huge range of serious viewing. Need something a bit more light-hearted to get the Christmas cheer going? You'll be wanting to watch Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special online.

And the great news here for any fans of the show - there won't just be a Christmas special to get your teeth into, but also one on New Year's Day. Considering we've been deprived of a full season of Mrs Brown's Boys since all the way back in 2013, the double bill will be great news to many.

Like a lot of the other Christmas specials airing this year, very little has been leaked about what we can expect this year. However, the creator and leading man (or woman) Brendan O'Carroll has given us one tiny piece of information, revealing the names of the episodes as 'A Wonderful Mammy' and 'Orange is the New Mammy'.

Will we be getting tributes to the film It's A Wonderful Life and the modern classic Orange Is the New Black? You'll have to tune in and watch the Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Specials online to find out.

We've gathered everything you'll need to know to watch the special and listed it down below. And for those stuck abroad unable to catch the Irish hilarity of Agnes Brown, don't worry, we've found ways for you to watch it too.

How to watch Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special online for free in the UK:

Two episodes this year?! You're really being treated. For the Christmas special you'll need to tune in to BBC One at 10.30pm on Christmas Day. You can then follow that up with the New Year episode on Wednesday, January 1 on the same channel at 10.30pm.

Rather watch Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special online? Then you have two easy places to catch it - BBC iPlayer and TVPlayer. Both are easy to use, free services, allowing you to catch the action live.

Stream Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special from anywhere else in the world for free:

Living abroad or happen to be out of the country when these special Mrs Brown's Boy's episodes air? Not to worry, although you will face a geo-block when you try to tune in, it is still possible to watch it.

By downloading a VPN, you can change your IP address to make it look like you're back in the UK. This way, you can continue to watch the content without being stopped by geographical restrictions.

Which VPN should you use and how do you install one? Well that's all covered below:

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By: Alex Hughes

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