Targus shows off it’s high-end docking solutions at CES

Looking to turn your laptop into a high-end, ultra-powerful desktop workstation? Targus has long been an industry leader in the workspace docking world, and that’s only set to continue thanks to a slew of new docking solutions that the company introduced at CES. 

In fact, Targus has its hands in all aspects of high-end docking solutions. The company not only creates physical docks for mobile workstations, but also offers the software to be able to more easily manage you or your company’s workstations. The result? Whether you or your company operates a BYOD setup already, is interested in transitioning to one, or simply needs to more effectively manage multiple brands at a time, Targus has a powerful solution for you.

Perhaps the most interesting new release from Targus is the new Targus MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System, which has actually won a CES Innovation Award this year. There’s plenty to love about this system -- and it’s all about optimizing the workstation. The system is actually a blend of both hardware and software. On the hardware side, you’ll get intelligent devices like the MiraLogic Universal Smart Dock -- which supports dual 4K monitors, can charge through USB-C ports at up to an impressive 100W, and more. Other devices include the MiraLogic Smart Power Strip and Desktop Power Strip, which capture data on power consumption and sends that to the software.

Speaking of the software, it’s super smart. Using the cloud-based software, you can see exactly how each workstation is performing. You’ll get asset management features in real-time, and even be able to remotely control each individual workstation.

Of course, Targus also offers plenty of awesome solutions for individual workstations -- and they’re perfect for taking advantage of the performance inside your laptop, and making it feel more like a desktop. For example, Targus also recently launched the Targus Dock 570, which is another CES Innovation Award winner. This dock allows you to connect to a whopping four 4K monitors, while also offering power delivery to your laptop. That’s pretty impressive -- and makes Targus a clear leader in the space. It’s compatible with a range of laptops on the market -- so no matter what model you use, if it’s relatively modern, this dock should do the job.

Targus makes docks for all models of laptops too. For example, the company makes a few Thunderbolt 3 docks that work perfectly with Apple laptops, including the Dock 221. These devices can connect to a MacBook’s Thunderbolt 3 ports and bring increased connectivity and added screen space.

As you can probably tell, Targus has poured its energy into developing high-end docking solutions for any situation -- but the company isn’t working alone. In fact, it has been working with the likes of DisplayLink, Samsung, Microsoft, and even Qualcomm over the past few years to ensure that its docking solutions work with any product you’re likely to use. The Qualcomm partnership is particularly interesting -- as it means that you can expand your Snapdragon 8cx-enabled laptop using a Targus dock. All these partnerships ensure that Targus remains at the top of the food chain when it comes to docking solutions. And, the partnerships also mean that Targus; competitors really can’t match its expertise.

You can learn more about Targus’ new products, and buy docking solutions for yourself, straight from the Targus website


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