Importance of an Educational Website in the Post-Pandemic World

Educational websites have grown in large numbers overtime ever since the rapid IT revolution ushered in from the early 2000s. Educational websites can be classified as those which seek to impart knowledge on various fields through the use of multimedia and interactive media that can attract hundreds and thousands of readers online. The rapid growth of educational websites has also happened as a result of the increasing democratization of education and learning material which has further resulted in increased access to information. The coronavirus pandemic has also altered the landscape when it comes to the importance of educational websites. With increasing restrictions on physical gatherings, the opportunity for an educational website to impart significant knowledge has increased manifold. 

In this article today, we will discuss the growing popularity of educational websites. We will also look at the myriad ways in which the operation and evolution of educational websites have been transformed ever since the pandemic. The fundamental elements of educational website design will also be looked at and analyzed. It's important for business owners who are in the ed-tech field to understand some of the basic requirements of setting up and managing an educational website. Janbask Digital Design has years of experience in this field and it has helped countless institutions and public educational facilities to successfully create a vibrant and efficient educational website for their students. 

A lot of students and professionals nowadays are heavily dependent on the quality of educational websites to gain knowledge. This is why it is so important for these websites to have an understanding of what it takes to look and feel genuine on the internet. We know that there are enough sources of misinformation that can corrupt our knowledge in various fields. Educational websites are constantly fighting against these malicious forces to provide good quality, legitimate content to their readers.  

Keep in mind that an educational website can also be founded on different themes such as games, quizzes, etc., and need not necessarily be always structured in the form of online lessons. 

Perks of having a good educational website 

Reports suggest that many students apply to universities after going through it’s website. This number is as high as 80 percent in the case of international students. 

There are a few things that a good educational website can do to help spread awareness and authentic information about any organization or institution. Let's take a look at them below. 

Faculty Accomplishments

For any institution, it is important to advertise the accomplishments of its faculty as it can enhance the profile of the university and make it appear desirable to prospective students and mentors.  It helps leaps and bounds if your future students can have a fair idea about who their educators are and what they have achieved in their respective fields and careers. The best way to do this is to create an effective website that arranges and complies all of this information in a systematic manner. 

Campus Life and Amenities 

This is especially important for universities that have resident campuses. The likelihood of a higher number of applications is dependent upon the picture of campus life that students get by seeing visuals of the university campus. It's also crucial to tell applicants about the amenities and facilities that the campus offers so that they can have something to look forward to. Any good educational website design portal will place emphasis on painting an image of a vibrant and exciting campus life for its prospective applicants. 

Showcasing Institutional beliefs and values 

Everyone knows that educational institutions are not isolated, social actors. They all have a history of evolution and are shaped by contextual forces. It is always recommended for an educational website to outline its beliefs and values clearly. This helps to set boundaries and minimizes the chance of faulty expectations. Furthermore, an institution that has clearly defined values and principles appears a lot more grounded to prospective applicants. 

Environmental Aspects 

We are well aware of the adverse impacts of climate change and a lot of us are already having to deal with the inescapable devastation that changing climates can bring to humanity. This is why it's important to invest in a good website that can reduce the environmental footprint of universities and other educational organizations by moving to more sustainable and eco-friendly methods of imparting education and learning. 

Convenient Learning 

In the post-pandemic world, as we learn to live with the normalization of viruses and other kinds of hazards, it is important to give students and faculty the leeway they need to adapt to changing conditions. A good educational website makes it possible for students and lecturers to come together on a digital platform and exchange views and ideas in a way that is novel to this generation. It helps to keep relationships intact despite physical distances and thus manages to create an environment that is conducive to learning. 


In this article today we tried to explain the evolving role of educational websites for institutions in a changing environment amidst the pandemic. The importance of well-designed educational websites was increasing anyway before the pandemic. However, after the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, it became clear that institutions had to figure out innovative ways to keep their students and faculty engaged despite the conditions of physical distancing imposed by governments. 

By: Brey White